Sorrento Italy 2010 photo by Mick Stern

Len Dell'Amico Bio

Len Dell'Amico is a graduate of New York University's School of Film and Television and initially worked as an editor on documentaries and independent feature films. He switched to directing when technical innovations made location multi-camera video production of live rock concerts much more feasible.

Since then, he has been writing, directing, co-directing, producing, and co-producing all kinds of filmed and videotaped entertainment, including children's theatre, documentaries, and feature films.

He has directed and produced many concert films and music videos with such artists as Sarah Vaughan, Herbie Hancock, the Allman Brothers Band, Linda Ronstadt, Blues Traveler, Carlos Santana, Ray Charles, Reuben Blades, Bonnie Raitt, Jerry Garcia and of course, Grateful Dead. 

Len first worked with Grateful Dead in 1980 on "Dead Ahead," the band's live TV broadcast and platinum home video. He was the band's "film and video guy" for the next 11 years. Dell'Amico and Jerry Garcia co-directed "So Far, "the top-selling music video of 1988, which won the American Film Institute's award for the best long-form music program, and ten of Len's Grateful Dead live-in-concert films are currently in distribution.

Len now lives in Fairfax, California. He is working on his next film project, following-up "Welcome To Dopeland," still works in visual music production, is a board member of the Mental Insight Foundation, and is an environmental and political activist.